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Forever Chasing The Guide

Forever Chasing The Guide

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THE FOREVER CHASING GUIDE is ultimately all the knowledge I have gain which helps me gain muscle and strength whilst also loosing body fat or maintaining low body fat. Over 100 pages of everything I have learnt.

People often think to loose body fat comes at the expense of loosing muscle size and strength!! The answer is no! This guide will show you just how I have got stronger and stronger, gained muscle, hit personal bests in my lifts squats, dumbbell chest press, shoulder press the list goes on and on. All while maintaining a low body fat.

If you want an excuse to put on fat, eat crap, feel crap then this isn’t the plan for you.

If you want to look great be in the best shape and feel great then this is for you. I will teach you my daily habits, mindset and helpful insights that will benefit your journey.

I’ve left nothing out in this plan, I wanted to give you my full knowledge of all my years experience, what I have learnt so you can progress quicker. I discuss everything not just the gym, training and nutrition but I talk about socialising, meals out, cheat meals, supplements, alcohol and more.

I am who I am today because of the information I’ve written down in this e-book guide. Whether you’re trying to bulk, shred, lose weight, prepare for a show, or just lead a healthy lifestyle, you can benefit from this guide.

The Forever Chasing guide is the next step for you. Over the next 12+ weeks it’s going to teach & guide you through your training, supplements & nutrition, all while giving you the knowledge & tools to seriously change your physique & health.

I discuss the following;

  1. Why I don’t particularly have an off season. How you can stay lean and grow.

  2. How should you look at nutrition and how to shape your diet to maximise training and your physique goals.

  3. If you should or shouldn’t be doing cardio. How often you should train, eat and sleep.

  4. How to shape what body part you train and when.

  5. How important rest/recovery (sleep) is and how much is needed.

  6. How to know how much to eat to reach your desired physique and training goals.

  7. A different looks on Personal Bests (PB’s)

  8. Getting lean without loosing muscle mass

  9. My mindset and motivation

  10. Philosophy to my training, nutrition and creating a lifestyle

  11. How to build muscles mass through rep ranges and weights

What this plan includes;

  • 12 Week Training Plan 

  • 6 workouts a week, training every body part! Arms, chest, shoulders, abs, legs and back

  • Pictures showing you each exercise

  • Fasted Cardio routine 

  • Detailed with supersets, dropsets and sets to failure 

  • Nutritional plan breaking down macros for each meal for muscle growth and cutting weight

  • List of my supplements I take each day – morning, night, pre-workout, intra workout, post workout all detailed, how I rate them and the benefits.

  • Golden rules I follow for training and nutrition

  • Written by Arran Aro with over 10 years of experience

  • Download and access on any smart device

  • Access to a private Facebook Group where I will add videos, and we can share progress

My goal is the long game FOREVER CHASING - I don't want people to simply buy my plan without guidance. So you will also receive access to our private Forever Chasing group where I will be on hand to motivate, support and educate further.

I can’t wait for you to get stuck in and give your best!

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